Monday, September 17, 2012

Something unexpected.

Kejadian pada pagi tadi memang tak aku sangkakan.Mungkin sebab terlalu syok memandu oleh sebab kondisie enjin yang bagus pada waktu pagi yang hening menyebabkan aku nak speedup dan tanpa sedar menghimpit satu moto .And it was first time.And I was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.And a stratch sound heard.And I saw the left side mirror had bent.Not truly bent but it move a little bit from it's original state.I feel like.Fuhh.I know something bigger must be happen to the motorcycle coz car is bigger than motorcycle.So it must have some effect on the moto.And I keep driving like nothing happen and I did think about motorist but I don't even make up my mind to stop the car.So lol.So bad I think.I should stop right there and meet that Uncle.And discuss with him what to do. But I continue to drive Until I reach on my destination after a junction.I'm still in shock.

But then,that uncle keep following me and meet me.And I know I should stop earlier.So sorry uncle.His motorcycle's mirror broken one side.And another side retak.That uncle is in his way to work. I'mreally sorry for troubling you nice uncle.May Allah ease your day and bless you.And that uncle know my family.And I hope everything just turn out well.Thanks Allah for remind me today.Hope better in next time.

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